Playing On Heartstrings

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The birth of an emotion is a mystery for most, and it should be that way. The spectator looking at the artwork should be completely taken by it rather than analyze causes of her feelings. The artist, in turn, sharing her feelings, should do everything for the spectator not to remain indifferent, but to respond passionately. Easier said than done, right?…

Any artist, at some point of her creative life, makes an unexpected discovery. Suddenly she realizes that art, in fact, is much more intricate than it seemed just yesterday. Photography is not an exception here. Short after mastering basic techniques of composition, lighting and post-prodction, the photographer has an epiphany: every single picture that she had shot before belongs to a trash can. All of her previous activity amounts to manufacturing of illustrations having zero artistic value. Her vision changes in a flash: now looking at pictures she sees what lurks within, not on the surface of the image. She sees depth, which is indicative of how profound of the emotional impact the photo can have on the spectator. She sees and understands, but does not yet know what to do to make her photos just as deep, as perceptible, as moving…

To those who is about to open the door and ready to start creating on an entirely new level of understanding human emotions, we present this course.

Irakly Shanidze, Author

Irakly Shanidze is a professional advertising photographer and a photography teacher. His clients included Japan Tobacco International, Leica Camera AG, RusAvia, Licedei Theatre, Ballet Detroit and many others. His photos appeared in Teen Vogue, Glamour, X-ology Magazine, etc. He is an author of a book “Photography: The Art Of Deception”. He is your personal teacher for this course.

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