Visual Storytelling in Photography

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Photography is a language, just like English. The only difference: instead of letters and words, photography operates with visual elements, basic and derivative. Just like with a spoken language, people pay attention when your speech is eloquent and full of substance. Just like with the spoken language, you have to be conscious of what to say and especially what not to say, and how to say it to make your story intriguing and genuine. You can become a master of this language, and while it is not easy, all it takes is to learn how to put those visual words together in a sequence as elegant and witty as it is unexpected, yet honest.

Irakly Shanidze, Author

Irakly Shanidze is a professional advertising photographer and a photography teacher. His clients included Japan Tobacco International, Leica Camera AG, RusAvia, Licedei Theatre, Ballet Detroit and many others. His photos appeared in Teen Vogue, Glamour, etc. He is an author of a book “Photography: The Art Of Deception”. He is your personal teacher for this course.

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