Rules Of Engagement


Rules of the engagement

  1. There are no deadlines. Yes, the course can be finished in six weeks, but you can do it at your own pace.
  2. Upon reading the first lecture, contact your instructor to discuss the reading. The discussion will be held as a live Skype session.
  3. Once it is clear that you understand the content well, you will be assigned a homework.
  4. Do not try to use old pictures for your assignments. You will be caught.
  5. Submit your homework via email, or during a live chat session.
  6. The instructor will give you an honest and impartial opinion about your pictures. Chances are, you will have to redo the homework.
  7. Once your instructor has no objections about quality of your work and its suitability for the assignment given, you can proceed to the next lecture.
  8. Repeat the cycle until the course is done!

Contact your instructor

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