Leica SL video performance proof

Shooting dance is never easy. What can make it even harder is all these new fancy green technologies like the Energy Star Compliant lighting. Mercury fluorescent lights are known to be pretty nasty when it comes to skin tones, but it is nothing compared to when they are mixed with sodium vapor lamps. My old Leica M9 could not be white balanced in this particular room, which rendered color photography impossible. That is, until Leica SL came out. Now I can shoot in color not only stills with a wild mixture of natural light and fluorescent fixtures of two different color temperatures (like the photo above), but also video in the sodium vapor room, which happens to be the main rehearsal hall at the Detroit Opera House (below).

Leica SL, Vario-Elmar-T 3.5~5.6/18-58, BlackMagic Video Assist 4K, ISO400, 24 fps

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