Available Light Photography

With tons of studio equipment sitting at the studio, I find myself gravitating towards using it less and less. Why? Because the current state of imaging technology completely changed the perspective on usability of available light. While lens design is constrained by the laws of physics that makes high-speed optics rather […]

Summaron 5.6/28: A New Lens From The Past

When Leica Camera AG comes out with a new lens, we all expect something groundbreaking, whether it will be an unbelievably wide aperture, or zero aberrations, or… something. So, when Leica announced that it had resurrected a ghost from the past with a focal length of 28mm and the maximum […]

Medium Format, Why On Earth?

When photography just started, and a bright idea of an optical enlarger was not born yet, a size of a photograph was determined by the size of a light-sensitive plate used and, consequently, by the size of a camera capable of accommodating that plate. That is why cameras of the […]