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ArtPhotoAcademy Student in Olympus Pen Ad
Personal Show of candid photography by Irakly Shanidze
Workshop in Honolulu "Photography in a Bad economy. Survival of the Smartest"

Creative Approach in Photographic Storytelling
Fundamentals of Working with Natural and Artificial Light Sources
Maximizing Emotional Impact in Photography
Virtual Course for beginners \"Fundamentals of Photographic Image\"
Online four-week course \"Portrait Photography from Classics to Post-modern\"
Product Phtography in Advertising

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Online courses
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Unconventional way of seeing and perceiving the world are the qualities that set an artist apart from an ordinary human being. Artistic vision, instinctive sense of harmony and non-trivial approach in interpreting of the surrounding may be compared to perfect musical hearing. For those blessed with this gift, it is remarkably easy to recognize a single false note that ruins musical harmony of a piece, but mere perfect hearing is not enough to play the piece. A virtuoso musician, besides the hearing, must possess the perfect technique. Rehearsing constantly, she manages to merge with her instrument into one body, and playing becomes a natural and effortless process. However, even the most immaculate and flawless technique cannot be a substitute for an instinctive sense of harmony since virtuosity entails ability to improvise.

It is a combination of the sense of harmony, creative approach and superb technical skill that plays a role of the utmost importance in art photography. Artistic talent enables a photographer to conceive a plan, but his technical expertise is in charge of bringing the plan to life. After having mastered technical side of photography photo artist does not concentrate upon his gear, rather, he creates a piece of art, which is capable of living on its own and interacting with the surrounding world by inspiring, bringing up emotions, making think, laugh, or even cry.
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